Displaying some of the puppets in my home, where I made them this summer,
while wearing socks like the ones seen above.
More puppet photos.

Some Public Puppetry is a project created for the Open Engagement conference, held in Regina, Canada from October 11 - 13, 2007.

Created as a part of Kerri-Lynn Reeves' Swag Bag project, Some Public Puppetry proposes to engage people in enacting scenes or gestures of public creativity and intimacy by interacting with one of these finger puppets. The puppets will be presented to the Open Engagement conference participants through Kerri-Lynn Reeves' Swag Bag ceremony. Each puppet has a note attached to it, reading:

Dear potential public puppeteer,

When I made these puppets I was thinking of different scenes I had witnessed involving people interacting with an intimate other in public space: the guy on the bus speaking to an iguana who was sitting on his shoulder; the child at the zoo holding up her teddy bear towards a real bear, as if to communicate with it through an inanimate but animated third party familiar. What interests me is how we can inhabit public space with acts of playfulness and intimacy, acts that can shift social formations and work against the business-as-usual possession of public space. If you would like to do something with this puppet in a public space, I would like it if you could document (via photo, video, drawing, writing, etc.) your actions and email the documentation to me. I will post it on my website in the Some Public Puppetry section. My email address is margaretrind@hotmail.com.

Sincerely, Joanne

Responses to Some Public Puppetry

Thank you to Marie Bristol, who helped me make the puppets with her excellent crochet skills, and to Hazel George-Saito for her generous donation of the lovely fabric.

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