Performance Spaces for Domestic Animals is a performative theory session that examines collaborations between artists and domestic animals. Questions raised include: How and what can humans perform for animals? How can boundaries between performer/audience, and animal/human be shifted in ways that are truly fantastic for all parties involved?

The central focus of the session is recent video and performance work I have produced with my cat, Sabre. Through these works I imagine or propose relationships based on hybridity, ambiguity and good times, rather than the control-and-management paradigms which currently dominate human and animal exchanges. The nature of performance and the performance of nature is reconsidered through an embrace of the everyday, and the sentimental. Hands-on lab component and half-time yoga break included.


Presented at 7a*11d Performance Festival (Toronto, 2004), Discord: Social Thought Conference@ York University (Toronto, 2004), and Universities Art Association Conference (Montréal, 2002).

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