A few years ago I began a work titled Kitchen/Witch.
It was to be a web project linking narratives of architecture,
technology and gender.
I wanted to examine politics, tropes and
spaces of telecommunication throughout Western history, by presenting
fictional/critical images and texts from feminist perspectives.

As I continued research for the project, it became clear that my scope
was potentially encyclopaedic. Also, while I initially wanted to examine how
women's inventiveness had been historically overlooked, many other artists and
cultural theorists had already beautifully mapped this terrain.

What began to interest me more immediately were my own (and others')
practises of witnessing and inventing subtle technologies in everyday life.
bent aerial hovers in the present, but also understands that time
is likely more than linear.

Though Kitchen/Witch informs and is part of bent aerial,
I see it as oscillating between an archive and a blueprint.
bent aerial, it will alter and transform over time.

* initial plan for Kitchen/Witch.
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