The Institute for Feline & Human Collaboration (IFHC),
is a site for ongoing projects in interspecies communication + interaction.
was established in 1996 and is currently based in Banff, Canada.
Past research has focused on perception and the articulation and
demarcation of space by animals. One of IFHC's current areas of
investigation is how interactions with animals inform understandings
of interactions with machines.
Past projects include:

* Familiar: the documentation of a nature documentary about animal spatial patterns

* Performance Spaces for Domestic Animals: a performative lecture on
  animal/human collaborations in time-based art

* New Art Examiner: a DVD about feline perception and contemporary art**

* Animal Stories in Exchange for Drawings: a public storytelling and drawing service**

* Smell my Breath: an exchange in corporeality and identification**

* Laptop/Lapcat: a study of animal and computer language and interaction**

* Cat-toy: an art multiple designed for felines

* IFHC + Interior Investigations (i2i)**

* A surround-sound (5.1) audio installation featuring a piano + purring**



                                                                                ** (data forthcoming)




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