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This performance involves architectural design and touch. I am interested in investigating relationships between our physical experiences of the built world
and how we imagine and internalize those spatial experiences. The performance involves a one-on-one exchange between the audience and myself:
I ask audience members to verbally describe an architectural space. It could be a space from memory, a dream, or any kind of space in the built world
that is of significance to them. As the space is described, I draw a 'plan' of it on the speaker's clothed back with my hands.
Sessions last no longer than five minutes.

Documentation from: Escapist Action: Performance in Recession, Toronto, November 2009

In the context of Escapist Action, my intention for this work is to:
a) examine relationships between architectural design and user experience;
b) provide a situation for free-association around relationships between architecture, imagination, dwelling, containment, bodies and economies.